Our Services


Connect Financial Service Brokers endeavours to get you the best results from your business sale. We have a great deal of experience, a proven track record, commercial expertise and high level negotiation skills. This, combined with our up to date market knowledge and substantial industry connections, enables us to bring qualified, genuine buyers to the table.

We can assist you in preparing your business for sale as well as managing the sales process. This ensures potential buyers will view your business positively, giving you the best prospect of achieving an excellent financial outcome. The benefits of thorough preparation include maintaining happy clients and staff and the ability for you to continue to run your business during the process.

Connect Financial Service Brokers are able to attract well qualified buyers for each business we bring to market, who are culturally aligned, able to finance the transaction and committed to seeing it through.

When you select the buyer best suited to your business, we negotiate terms and conditions to meet your needs, while working in a collaborative way with your chosen buyer to ensure they are given the best opportunity to acquire your business. Our approach means that everyone is fairly treated and that all parties are happy with the outcome.

We also have access to legal services that understand the intricacies of contract preparation and timing issues.

Connect Financial Service Brokers interests are aligned to yours. If there is no acceptable offer, or we can’t find the right cultural fit for you, there is no success fee to pay


The environment for buyers is very competitive and Connect Financial Service Brokers can assist you to gain a competitive edge.

We are in a position to accept a “project” to source a seller that suits your requirements. At any time we have a number of businesses for sale and therefore can introduce you to an appropriate practice.

We develop with you a strategy to grow or merge your business, focusing on the right targets, obtaining the most appropriate finance package available, and setting realistic expectations.

Fair Market Value Assessment (FMVA)

Our Fair Market Value Assessments are accredited by banks and other financial institutions.

We have also worked with a number of Financial Institutions, Receivers and Administrators to assist them with the sale of distressed businesses, with outstanding results.

Our FMVA reports are highly regarded because we have developed a robust and credible system for recognising the qualitative elements of a business. In addition to the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet metrics, these reports cover an additional 30 relevant business factors. We use industry accepted valuation methods and, importantly, recent sales data, to complete a FMVA. Many other valuations either simply deal with the Profit and Loss accounts, or are based on a 4 to 6 question generic online or over the phone questionnaire.

We take the time to understand you and your business, which is why you get the most realistic commercial assessment of the ‘real value ‘of your business and, if appropriate, the likelihood of a successful sale

Prepare your business for sale

Connect Financial Service Brokers recognises there is a need in a post FoFA environment to expand the breadth of its service to provide more assistance to sellers in the preparation of their business before going to market. This pre-sales service guarantees improved and accurate quality information and transparency of the business, which in turn can speed up the sales process and potentially enhance the value of the business.

Our service identifies the key information that will be required during the sales process, and assists in gathering and presenting this information appropriately. We prioritise, co-ordinate and complete tasks to reduce disruption to your business.

We regularly communicate with all key stakeholders and ensure that tasks are completed on time, to maintain the sales schedule

Integration and transition service

Connect Financial Service Brokers offers a post-sales service to Sellers and Buyers, enabling a smooth transition path after settlement and maximising the end result for both parties.

Communication and project management of the integration, including people, premises, technology and other operational issues, can all be handled much more efficiently with excellent results. Dedicated resources to these projects are part of the solution.

The buyer achieves the value of his/her acquisition, through client and staff retention and a smooth operation. The seller ensures as little risk as possible in receiving any deferred payments as most, if not all clients, are retained when the process continues to be managed closely after the sale.

Finance assistance

We see and hear about many poor, incomplete and under prepared applications for finance by acquirers, when attempting to buy a business.

Many times the lack of a business plan or a first 100 day plan can mean the difference between an approval or rejection. A well prepared application speeds up the approval process and enables the buyer to be in a more favourable and competitive position, giving the buyer the best chance of finance approval and success in buying a business

Connect Financial Service Brokers has access to specialist finance brokers who have in depth knowledge of the financial institutions’ requirements and can assist buyers in submitting applications.